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Parent Handbook and School Policies         

Visit the Policies section of our website to view the school's parent handbook and additional school policies.

If your child is absent, please call the Office at (510) 931-7868 and press Option 2. Leave a message with your child’s name, the reason for the absence, the date of the absence, and your name and relationship to the student so we can verify it is indeed a parent/guardian notifying of the absence. Alternately you can email your child’s teacher, or send a note to your child’s teacher upon your child’s return to school. For more information, visit our Attendance - Frequently Asked Questions page. Visit the Policies section for the Golden Oak Montessori Attendance Policy.

Students Needing Medication at School

If your student needs to receive medication (prescription or over-the-counter medicine) during the school day, please submit to the office an Authorization to Administer Prescribed and Over-the-Counter Medicine form signed by both the parent and a physician. Medication cannot be dispensed at school without this completed form which must be submitted annually or when there is a change in the medication to be given. For more information, review the Policy on Administration of Medicine, Anti-Seizure Medication, Emergencies and Head Lice.

Resources for Home Study and Practice                          

This listing of resources for home study and practice are websites used by many Golden Oak Montessori classrooms. If a log in or password is required, check with your child’s teacher to find out if it is a tool used in your student’s classroom.

Social/Emotional Health and Wellness  
Golden Oak Montessori is committed to the social/emotional health and wellness of our students. Our on-site School Psychologist/Counselor supports our school community with expertise in mental health, learning, and behavior with a shared goal of helping our students succeed academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally. In addition to individual counseling and group counseling sessions with students, our students can participate in "workshops" on a variety of topics promoting social-emotional competence, positive relationships, and supportive learning environments. Parents and students are always welcome to reach out to our School Psychologist, Ms. Jennine if they have questions, or would like guidance on a topic.

Ms. Jennine Powell, School Psychologist
Golden Oak Montessori has contracted with Intellicorp to conduct background checks on volunteers who are in contact with our students. This includes Room Parents, field trip drivers, and parents helping with school projects. Teachers will distribute this form to parents in advance of volunteering events. If you know you routinely volunteer at the school and would like to proactively submit this form, please print a copy and submit to the Office. 


Volunteers play an important role in creating a successful school. If you would like to volunteer in your child’s classroom or as an office helper, please reach out in advance so we can have a job prepared for you. The information below outlines the expectations and guidelines that volunteers must follow to create a safe and successful experience for students and staff.

- When you arrive, sign in at the front office and get a visitor badge.


- Volunteers will be given an assigned job with instructions. Please focus on that assigned job.
- If possible, please do not bring younger children to the school during your scheduled time. Younger students can be a distraction during classroom time.
Please turn off cell phones and refrain from using them when with students.
Please be present during you volunteer time.
Appropriate attire is expected.
No food or drink is to be brought into the classrooms.
Volunteers are discouraged from excessive socializing with other volunteers.
If you need to use the rest room, please use the staff restrooms in the front hall.


Volunteers are expected and required to keep all student information that they obtain while working as a volunteer for the school confidential. The Family Education Right and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) prohibits school personnel and volunteers from releasing any student information without parent/guardian permission. Student information includes all academic, medical and personal information. It is very important that volunteers maintain confidentiality at all times. Volunteers should not discuss students or their classroom performance with others - including their parents/guardians. It is the responsibility of the teacher to communicate with the students’ parents/guardians. Do not make references to student’s abilities in front of other students or adults. Direct questions about the student should be referred to the classroom teacher.


Golden Oak Montessori has contracted with Intellicorp to conduct background checks on volunteers who are in contact with our students. This includes Room Parents, field trip drivers, and parents helping with school projects. Please complete this form and submit to the office in advance of your volunteering.


If a volunteer suspects that a student may be the victim of abuse, or neglect, it should be reported to the classroom teacher or school administrator immediately. Volunteers are not allowed to share their observations with anyone other than school personnel. If a volunteer observes interactions between students that appear unkind, please direct to the teacher so he/she can address it.

Please do NOT post any pictures of any children (other than your own) to any social media site. If the teacher asks you to take photos of a classroom event please just email the teacher those photos and have the teacher distribute to the classroom.

Thank you very much for volunteering at Golden Oak Montessori!