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Parent/Student Handbook: Golden Oak Montessori’s policies are outlined in the Parent/Student Handbook provided to families at the beginning of each school year. Please refer to the handbook to find information on a variety of topics and please feel free to contact the office if you need further assistance.


Parent/Student Handbook 2020-21 - English


Manual para Padres/Estudiantes 2020-21 - Español



Re-Opening Our Campus Planning: Golden Oak Montessori presented our plans for reopening our campus to students on February 13, 2021. The full recorded presentation is here and we encourage Golden Oak families to watch the full video since it provides the context and detail around our planning process and plan’s construction. In addition, the Presentation Slides are available for review as well. An information night for our families with time for questions will be Monday, March 1 at 5 p.m. The link will be sent to families in advance.



Acceptable Use of Technology: Golden Oak Montessori students have access to electronic devices for school use and educational software. In addition, students are issued a Google email (G-Mail) account in the domain and through that account have access to Google's suite of tools including Google Calendar, Google Docs, and Google Classroom. Students are authorized to use technology resources and services in accordance with user obligations and responsibilities specified in the Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement that students/families receive annually.   


Students Needing Medication at School: If your student needs to receive medication (prescription or over-the-counter medicine) during the school day, please submit to the office an Authorization to Administer Prescribed and Over-the-Counter Medicine form signed by both the parent and a physician. Medication cannot be dispensed at school without this completed form which must be submitted annually or when there is a change in the medication to be given. For more information, review the Policy on Administration of Medicine, Anti-Seizure Medication, Emergencies and Head Lice.


Attendance: If your child is absent, please promptly report it the school (the same day) with the reason for the absence. Only absences for designated reasons (illness, medical appointment, funeral, etc.) will be excused. For more information, review the Attendance Policy .



SELPA for Special Education: Golden Oak Montessori is a member of the Sonoma County SELPA. The role of the SELPA is to support special education students in achieving a high level of academic/functional performance according to national, state, and local standards. To assure this outcome, the SELPA provides information, resources and support to students, parents, and school staff. View the SELPA's Local Plan and Annual Budget.



Title IX, Harassment, Intimidation, Discrimination, and Bullying Policy: The Title IX, Harassment, Intimidation, Discrimination and Bullying Policy prohibits any acts of discrimination, harassment, intimidation or bullying. Any student who feels she/he is a target of such behavior should immediately contact a teacher, Head of School, or other school staff person, or a family member so that she/he can get assistance. While submission of a verbal complaint is considered official, the reporting party is encouraged to complete the complaint form in the policy document and submit to the Head of School.   



Parent Concerns: If you have a concern about your child’s experience at school, please speak with your student’s teacher. After speaking with the teacher, if you feel more discussion is needed, please make an appointment with the Head of School. If a resolution is still not achieved, the Parent/Student Handbook outlines in further detail the additional information summarized below.


Dispute Resolution Process

Golden Oak is committed to an open atmosphere in which any concern, suggestion, or complaint (issue) will receive a timely and respectful response. The Parent/Student Handbook outlines the Dispute Resolution Process which is to be used when a problem or concern has been brought to the attention of the responsible party, but the outcome or proposed solution is not to both parties’ satisfaction.


Uniform Complaint Procedure

Golden Oak Montessori is primarily responsible for compliance with federal and state laws. If the complaint or issue relates to a protected class of issues as defined by the California Department of Education, or requirement to pay a fee for a school sponsored activity, then the complainant can also choose to use the Uniform Complaint Procedure. A printed copy of the Uniform Complaint Procedure can also be provided free of charge by the school’s office.


Wellness Policy: Golden Oak's Wellness Policy focuses on ensuring environments and opportunities for all students to practice healthy eating and physical activity behaviors throughout the school day while minimizing commercial distractions. Parents are invited to join the Wellness Committee which meets routinely during they year. For more information email


Educational Records and Student Information Policy: Golden Oak's Educational Records and Student Information Policy outlines the management of educational records and student information maintained by Golden Oak. For more information email



Professional Boundaries (Staff/Students Interactions): In compliance with Ed Code 44050, Golden Oak Montessori publishes its policy from the Staff Handbook regarding Staff and Student Interactions.



Suicide Prevention Policy: Golden Oak's Youth Suicide Prevention Policy outlines the schools prevention, intervention, and postvention policy. For more information email



Integrated Pest Management Plan: Golden Oak Montessori has a Integrated Pest Management Plan outlining procedures on proactively preventing pests and managing pest situations.



Safe Haven School: Golden Oak Montessori is committed to the education of all children and making Golden Oak Montessori a safe zone for students and families threatened by immigration enforcement. View the Board of Director's resolution (March 2017).      La resolución también está disponible para revisión en español.   



Other Policies

If you have questions about a particular school policy, please contact the office at 510.931.7868 or email