Golden Oak Montessori Of Hayward

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Mission and Vision


Mission Statement

The mission of Golden Oak Montessori is to provide students in grades one through eight in the Hayward area with the opportunity to acquire an education based on the educational philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori, with an emphasis on independent learning; hands-on materials for a holistic education; and mixed-age classrooms to encourage long-term educational relationships and character development. Our school will actively recruit and serve a culturally, ethnically, and socio-economically diverse group of students reflective of the Hayward district; promote an integrated multi-subject teaching and learning curriculum; strive to close the academic achievement gap in minority and disadvantaged students; provide a Spanish-Enriched curriculum for all students; and pursue an overarching aim of nurturing healthy community stewardship. Our goal is to educate children to be active, aware citizens with the skills and knowledge to participate meaningfully in the diverse and challenging new century.


Vision Statement

The Golden Oak Montessori School is guided by its vision to create a child-centered learning environment that involves families, educators, and the community in nurturing the whole child. We believe that school can provide creative, structured tools to support children in being active learners who care for their environment, value their diverse community, and who think and work both independently and collaboratively.

A Montessori classroom is unique because it offers:

  • Individualized learning plans focused on the child’s interests;

  • Hands-on materials in a classroom designed to stimulate academic exploration;

  • Multi-age classrooms where collaboration and leadership skills are practiced;

  • Culturally sensitive materials and a globally and community oriented curriculum.

The cornerstone of our vision is a belief that each child has unique potential and a unique path of development. Our task is to provide an atmosphere of acceptance, respect, and trust so that creativity and a sense of civic responsibility flourish. Montessori philosophy at the elementary and middle school level emphasizes the importance of self-paced learning, self-governance, and peer-teaching. We are a learning community which recognizes students, staff, and parents as integral and mutually-supportive elements.

As adherents to the Montessori philosophy, we believe that a school is a place to teach children about how to be better members of their community. We think Golden Oak can be a “community center” by offering a place for students and parents to come together for activities that celebrate our diversity, improve wellness and health, and show how to tread lightly on the environment while improving quality of life. We want our school, and our students as its ambassadors and innovators, to demonstrate how our cultures, our technological ingenuity, and innovation can improve our lives and community without causing harm to the environment. Through our school’s curriculum, facilities, and services to students and the community, we will strive to teach the values and practical solutions for environmental stewardship.


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